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Fair for only $10!

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What to Expect A full day of fun for all!

Themed Floats

Beautifully crafted floats, placed atop 54’ flatbed trucks, will creatively exhibit different themes in Judaism. Constructed by children of their respective schools, these innovative floats will be displayed for everyone at the parade.

Marching Bands

Talented children from schools throughout the tri-state area will march through the streets as they play instrumental music for the spectators of the parade. Alongside them will be professional marching bands, with representatives from the U.S. Army, New York Police Department, and the FDNY.

Amazing Shows

Family day continues! After the parade, the streets will be transformed into a grand carnival with exciting shows for children, including jugglers, magicians, bubble shows, and more!

Fun and Games

The afternoon will be filled with an assortment of incredible rides, fun games, and entertainment for kids of all ages!

Save the Date:

Lag B’Omer – Tuesday, May 9, 2023 – 18 Iyar 5783

Seating begins


Parade kicks off



Eastern Parkway between Brooklyn Ave. and Kingston Ave.

Brooklyn, New York, 11213

Fair Location

Corner of Kingston Ave. & Lefferts Ave.

Fair Times


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About The

Great Parade

Our sages stressed the significance of uniting as one people on Lag B’Omer. Whenever this holiday occurs on a Sunday, NCFJE invites Jewish people from around the country to star in the greatest Jewish parade of its kind — anywhere.

What makes The Great Parade truly, incomparably great?

The full-day celebration—parade and fair—is themed on Jewish unity and pride, leaving each participant uplifted and feeling proud of who they are. The Great Parade is based on the legacy of Mesibos Shabbos and Lag B’Omer parades held on Eastern Parkway since the 1940s.

As the Jewish population in America spreads out, let us celebrate the life and learning of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, Rabbi Akiva and the great Jewish men and women who brought new joy and unity to Am Yisroel!